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    Rotary microtomeHY-315


    1.It have clipper ¨Cbuilt case , the  user can put blade , wax block ,or other consumable one the top of case . it is easy .
    2 it donot need to lubricate and maintain the microtome frequently .
    3.The handwheel in the right can be locked in any position , and the handle can be locked in highest position , it is double safe for changing blade or tissue block .
    4 The specimen Orienting system: axes X and Y 8¡ã, axis 180¡ã.
    5. It adopt the special blade holder , it is more safe and convenient to use the disposable blade directly . it also can to longer the user life of disposable blade
    Technical Data
    1) Slice thickness range: 0- 60um
       Setting values :  from 0-2 um in 0.5 um ¨Cincrements
                     Form 2-10um in 1 um-increments
                     Form 10-20 um in 2 um-increments
                     Form 20-60um in 5 um-increments
    3) Horizontal specimen stroke :28 mm
    4) Vertical specimen stroke : 60mm
    6) Slip precision: ¡À 5%
    7) Maximal slice section: 50 ¡Á 45mm

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