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    TS1090B Vacuum Automatic Tissue Processor is microcomputer control,  advanced biological  tissue  automated  processing equipment.
    It adapted advanced technique , reasonable structure, easy to operate , with vacuum function, can improve the speed of organizations, quality-price ratio is the best , perfect ergonomic technique can be widely used hospitals, universities and scientific research units of human or animal and plant pathology departments in the organization on dehydration.
    1.Adopting microcomputer control process , easy to operate, stable and reliable. For cylinder with variable level control rod , operation flexbility, the organization can easily be placed in any cylinder position
    2.With a power failure alarm, to protect the tissue in set liquid , provide failure protection and other security protection.
    3.Stir-type dehydration methods used in it , tissue ,solvent , and paraffin will well –mixed, so as to achieve a good effect of dehydration.
    4.Display information on LCD screen is used in Chinese ,easy to ues. Set the minimum interval of 1 minute , whether the vacuum indenpendly).
    5.Wax jar adopt constant temperature control system. high precision temperature control : import
    6.Teflon on inner surface of coating, pollutionprevention, corrosion-resistant.
    7.Adopting 9 slices 1.2L medicine aquarium, to observe tissue change any time.
    8.According to user’s requirement to tailor standby electrical source, after power cutoff it can still work, working hours can reach 4-16hours.
    Technical Data:
    ?Steps of processing tissue: 12steps.
    ?Glass container:Quantity?capacity-1.25L.
    ?Wax cup: quantity?capacity?L.
    Temperature range?5~85°C?°C.
    ?Process:Each cup working hours?~99hr99min.
    Delay process?~99hr99min.
    ?Vetically reciprocative motion of tissue basket: 3 times/min
    ?Tissue basket specification:Barrel tissue basket--95x80mm.
    Layer nacelle---95x80mm four layers.
    ?Weight: 60kg.
    ?External dimension: (diameter)670 x (High)550 x680(Tiptop)mm.
    ?Rated voltage: 220v,50Hz. 500w

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